Smoke and Mirrors
(Neil Gray – Scotland – 2006 – 45 mins)

This film, made in partnership with the ‘Edinburgh Against Stock Transfer’ campaign group, documents their successful challenge to The City of Edinburgh Council’s plan to privatise all 23,000 of the city’s council homes. It considers the impact of gentrification programmes on working-class communities, and shows how a well-organised grass-roots, neighbourhood-based struggle can challenge and defeat deeply unpopular policy decisions.


Hands Off Our Homes | The Case Against Stock Transfer
(Neil Gray – Scotland – 2006 – 9 mins)

A short film, made alongside Smoke and Mirrors as a campaigning tool, highlighting the issues and opinions of some of the Edinburgh Against Stock Transfer campaign. This inspirational and successful campaign demonstrates the thought and depth of understanding of Edinburgh’s tenants and residents about their city, the housing crisis and the methods of consultation used in privatisation processes.


One thought on “Video

  1. Great video. We are a group resisiting stock transfers in Vic Australia.and put a link to this on our facebook page. please visit facebook.com/FOPHVIC and give us some support. There is so much spin here that the public are confused. Also [please visit ww.publichousingwatch.com. Thankyou Fiona

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