Glasgow’s Radical Urban History

This page is dedicated to retrieving information about Glasgow’s radical housing history, and challenges to gentrification through the years. We want to make sure they have an online presence (often for the first time), and are easily accessible to everyone. We’ve made a small start already and will be building on it from now on. Keep an eye out for new material uploading all the time.

– Donaldson, Ned. ‘Homes For the Needy’, 1990: Homes for the Needy

– McShane, Harry, ‘Gorbals is not Paradise’, 1946: Gorbals is not Paradise

– McShane, Harry, ‘Glasgow’s Housing Disgrace’, 1947: Glasgow’s Housing Disgrace

– McLaughlin, Brendan, ‘Glasgow’s Not for Sale’, 1990: Glasgow’s Not For Sale

– The Glasgow Keelie was the paper produced by the Workers City group from 1990-1993. The group challenged the 1990 ‘Year of Culture’ hype, gentrification, privatisation and the re-branding of Glasgow as an entrepreneurial city.

The Strickland Distribution recently copied all the issues of the The Glasgow Keelie and have made them available online for the first time: http://keelie.strickdistro.org/


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