John Swinney, the SNP Cabinet secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth, had a bit of a surprise when he went to visit the flats for the new Athletes Village at the site where the Jaconelli family were evicted by Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO), and where the Accord centre is being flattened for a bus park before the Commonwealth Games, 2014.

With copies of the Games Monitor’s East End Eye Dalmarnock special – which documented local evictions and dodgy land deals in the run up to the Games – Margaret Jaconelli and Tommy Short from the ‘Anti-Eviction Alliance’, and Grace Harrigan, Helen McCourt and Mary McArthur from the Save the Accord campaign,  grilled Swinney on their cases, and brought to light new information on the carve-up of the Athletes Village site for private ownership.

Re-posted from the Glasgow Games Monitor 2014

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