We now have a page on this site dedicated to retrieving information about, and republishing online, Glasgow’s radical urban history. We want to make sure these articles have an online presence, often for the first time, and are easily accessible to everyone. We’ve made a small start already and will be building on it from now on. Keep an eye out for new material uploading all the time.

The latest article we’ve transcribed and copied online is now available:

– McLaughlin, Brendan, ‘Glasgow’s Not for Sale’, 1990: Glasgow’s Not For Sale

The article comes from The Reckoning, an anthology of writing from the Workers City group (published by Clydeside Press), who challenged the ‘Year of Culture’ hype in 1990, arguing that it had “more to do with power politics than culture, more to do with millionaire developers than art”. We don’t think much has changed, and we’ll be republishing more from the anthology as we go along.