Glasgow, 13th May 2012:

Residents in the Maryhill area of Glasgow have launched a campaign to
stop a developer building 90 luxury homes on the North Kelvin Meadow, an
award-winning community green space.

The developer, New City Vision Ltd (NCV), submitted a planning
application for a residential development on the North Kelvin Meadow to
Glasgow City Council (GCC) on 8 May 2012. The application has not yet
been made public, but is believed to concern 90 housing units with an
asking price of up to £600k each.

Douglas Peacock, chair of the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign, said: “We
will fight this application every step of the way. All the research
clearly shows that local residents do not want this development, which
will destroy an important community green space resource and create
congestion in an area that is already densely populated and where a
number of large building developments are currently underway.”

A survey conducted by the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign in Dec 2010
revealed that 94% of local residents opposed a residential development
on the land, which is on the site of the former Clouston Street playing
fields and has never been built on. An online petition to save the
Meadow has so far attracted more than 1,260 signatures.

GCC has previously indicated that NCV is its preferred developer for the
site. However, the proposed development contravenes GCC policy as set
out in City Plan II.

Mr Peacock said: “The Meadow is a designated green space within the West
End Conservation area. City Plan II states that new development should
be on brown spaces only.”

Local residents have also expressed concern about the timing of the

Fiona Rintoul, a financial journalist living locally, said: “It’s a
strange time to build luxury homes in Maryhill. We are in the midst of
the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and it’s not yet
clear if the new private housing on Queen Margaret Drive will sell.”

She added: “These flash pads will be outwith the reach of most local
residents. It would make more sense to improve existing local housing,
such as the Wyndford estate.”


Notes for editors:

The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign was launched on 13 October 2008 to look
after the former Clouston Street pitches, which Glasgow City Council had
left derelict for more than two decades.

Since its launch, the campaign group has transformed the former pitches
into a multi-use community green space comprising allotments, a fruit
garden, a wood and a wild meadow. Members of the local community have
come together to clear the land of rubbish, repair and paint fences, and
install composting facilities and raised-bed allotments. A disused
outbuilding formerly strewn with broken bottles and used needles has
been restored and turned into a community garden shed. The wood, which
contains 480 trees, is used as a learning/play area by local children.

North Kelvin Meadow has won two Your Neighbourhood award from Beautiful

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