Our friends over at Glasgow Games Monitor 2014 have just done a great blog on the hidden side of East End ‘regeneration’ in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games 2104.

Check out the blog here:  http://gamesmonitor2014.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/poverty-games-torch-relay-comes-to-glasgow-full-story/

Also, check out the latest edition of their newletter, the East End Eye for the background to the ‘real story’ in Dalmarnock.


Should we tolerate our Council pouring millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into a bottomless bucket for spending on a 10-day party while people face rising unemployment, welfare cuts, homelessness and poverty? Yesterday, 15 March 2012, local people and supporters turned out to walk through the streets of the East End of Glasgow to say NO.

Margaret Jaconelli with Poverty Games Torch

Glasgow: The Caring City?

Five Star Treatment in Dalmarnock



One thought on “Poverty Games ‘Torch Relay’ Comes to Glasgow!

  1. When I first read about Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games I thought what a great leap forward for the new and wonderful Glasgow,however I have been supplying myself with more insight to spending tax money when so many people are out of work and having trouble with housing. Now with this new information I received on the Poverty Games ‘torch my mind is changing. The government and council really got things wrong in the past as the older Glasgow people will remember,there was so much poverty back in the 50,60,and 70’s it was shameful for the working class, those days should never come back. Back then it was 20% rich and 80% poor NO middle class, Glasgow has made great progress since the 80’s and should continue to be a city of Pride and Prosperity…

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