Scotland’s For Council Housing Demonstration

(syndicated from Scottish Tenants Organisation)

By scottishtenant

Houses await demolition: an area in limbo.Houses await demolition: a neighbourhood in limbo.

Backed by the Scottish Tenants Organisation.

In support of tenants in Hamiltonhill fighting for investment in their community.

National Demonstration.  Thurs, 24th Sept.

The story was broken to the public at large by the Burgh Angel community newspaper in Glasgow this week, that tenants in Hamiltonhill have been fighting for investment to improve security and safety in the scheme.  The Hamiltonhill Action Group is demanding that the GHA fit steel doors to closes in the scheme, as a means of improving the safety and security on the scheme.

Burgh Angel Story: Drawing Steel From Granite; Hamiltonhill Hits Back

[Pdf file]

Tenants in the area have published a manifesto.  The seven point programme published by the Action Group, lists the following objectives of the group:-

Hamiltonhill Action Group Programme

* No to forcing people out of their homes.  Yes to investment.
* A dry warm home for all.
* A safe, secure community.
* Facilities for children and families must be kept and improved.
* Our homes and our surroundings should be a pleasant place to be.
* Our rents must be affordable, for all of us.
* This is our community.  We demand respect!

Have we became such an unequal society that demands such as these are not to be met?

The STO has endorsed requests from local tenants in the area to act on this issue.  We are therefore calling for a national demonstration.  In the past few months the GHA – the huge and unaccountable stock transfer landlord, whose actions in pursuing rapacious demolitions (more than 20,000 in 7 years; one quarter of its initial stock)  in recent years has led in part to the shock news published by Shelter Scotland, that the availability of social housing was at an all time low.  Hamiltonhill is another area set aside for demolition.  That means it has seen massive underinvestment, as all non-essential investment works have been halted.  Hamiltonhill has been in this position of limbo for years.

Isn’t it time that something changed?

Tenants and the STO are now calling a national demonstration, on the 24th of September, to demand investment in public sector housing.

  • We demand steel doors for Hamiltonhill.  We demand real investment.
  • We demand an end to unnecessary demolitions.
  • We demand an end to the failed policy of stock transfer.
  • We demand an end to write to buy.  We demand debt write-off for local authorities, to give council a level playing field.
  • We demand that public sector housing is an option of choice.  We demand respect, in Hamiltonhill, across Scotland.

Let’s say it loud and clear, “Scotland’s for Council Housing!”

See you on Thursday the 24th of September, in Glasgow.

[Details to follow soon.  Please get in touch if you hope to attend: agahst2003[AT]hotmail.com, hamiltonhillaction[AT]googlemail.com]


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