Friends of Glasgow Parks?  [Citystrolls Update]

“City parks to invite private companies to join in shake-up”

"625 car parking spaces on football grounds in Victoria Park"

"Nightclub in Botanical Gardens"

"Expensive adventure playground in Pollok Park & more car parks"

"Park toilets turned into chic cafe Kelvingrove"

"Building school in park"

"Save our schools"

"Community Bandstand ignored Kelvingrove"

"Park creeping"

"Consulted Remember?"

Read... http://commongoodwatch.wordpress.com/

"Mr Booth admitted that during the review, the possibility of the parks 
being run by an external organisation was considered. However, the option 
was dismissed amid fears that private contractors may charge for some of 
the facilities which are currently free"...




While we all watch television business gets organised.

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