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VISITORS are to be given a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Govanhill Baths – for the first time in seven years.

The Govanhill Baths Community Trust is opening the B-listed building to give people the chance to explore the former steamie.

The trust is still hoping to see the Calder Street baths transformed into a £7.5million healthy living centre at the heart of the community.

And now they are getting locals involved in a bid to generate a fresh surge of support.

Andrew Johnson, chairman of the trust, said: “A lot of people were very upset at the baths closing seven years ago and they have not been able to see inside since.

“It is a historic Victorian building and people deserve the chance to look inside and see what the facilities were like 100 years ago.”

Since the pool was closed amid violent scenes in 2001, campaigners have been battling to raise funds to restore the building and reopen it as a swimming pool. But they have so far failed to secure enough cash.

Although relations between the council and the trust were initially strained, city bosses have now created a board, including MSP Frank McAveety, to give the group professional support.

Glasgow City Council offered a 99-year lease to the trust on the condition the group produced a business plan showing how they would generate enough cash to revamp the building.

The trust were given a further boost in August 2007 when the council offered £5000 to help hire a development officer – and extended the fundraising deadline to July 2009.

Now campaigners have until the end of October to come up with a second business plan, showing how they will regenerate the baths.

Mr Johnson added: “We are working hand in glove with Glasgow City Council, who have been extremely supportive of our efforts to renovate Govanhill Pool.

“Hopefully by inviting people along on Sunday we can show the community how important the building is and what benefits it will bring to the area.”

Visitors to this Sunday’s open day will get the chance to see a model of the proposed Govanhill Sports and Wellbeing Centre.

Nord Architects, who are designing a series of eco-friendly plans for the centre, will be on hand to hear suggestions of what local people want from the development.

The day will also feature a photography exhibition of people involved in the campaign to save the baths, taken by Glasgow artists Reuben Parris and Steven Hanson.

Guides will be on hand to give tours round all three pools and answer questions on the history of the building.

For more information log on to http://www.govanhillbaths.com


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