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I attended the demolition of 2-4 [Eagle Heights] & 16-18 [Barony Heights] Fountainwell Place, in the wee small hours of the morning on Sunday 13th July 2008. Huntingdon Square had camera crews with hard hats standing by to record the event, together with a large trailer to feed them. The local indiginous youth hung about the old Templeton’s corner looking down into the Place.
2-4 [St.Rollox Heights] Fountainwell Terrace was lit up at the rear revealing the demolition crews cabins. I beleive they will stay here whilst they butcher 6-8 Fountainwell Square (anyone know its heights name? was it Huntingdon Heights?)
The Terrace and 37-49 [Tennant Heights] Fountainwell Avenue will be the last of the group of 5 to be demolished.
Up till now I thought that Pinkston had been saved but a conversation with one of the demolition guys assured me that this was not the case and that the whole lot will be down within 2 years.
As someone who moved out of Sighthill 22 years ago I suppose i am a bit of a hypocrite for moaning about this demolition but I honestly thought they’d be there forever.
Ever memory I have of these flats is precious and these “people” at the GHA are destroying the monuments of our youth.
I was the boy who got out his bed at 5 to 9 and still made it to school on time courtesy of the desicion to put Sighthill Primary on my front door. GHA should have been made to invest in Sighthill and not have been allowed this option. I hate to see all the shity looking, worthless pieces of crap that GHA are now cladding being allowed to stand while Sighthill is being subjected to this wanton act of terrorism. GHA are culpable as are Glasgow City Council. Between the two of them Fountainwell in the most part and Pinkston laterly have been allowed to decay to the point that they need to spend too much money on them now. Anyone else remember the cradle outside your bedroom window doing repairs as you lay in your bed during the summer? Any way, enough of this….F**k the GHA!!!! We are the people”””(of Sighthill that is)-Once from Sighthill always from Sighthill.


One thought on “Fountainwell

  1. My friend, I found your comments a bit more than hypocritical.

    Firstly, you moved out 22 years ago, so you’ve hopefully improved yourself in whatever way you measure this. Good!

    Secondly, you know very little relative to how it was (why is it that tenants in Multi storeys always moan to have a “bomb put under them” then demand to saty, sayng how much they love their “hoose” when the decision’s taken to demolish? Also if Sighthll’s that great, why is it mainly Asylum seekers up there now? Oh you remmeber the “good old days2 eh? Fantastic! And where are you now??? Yes, nice to say “f*ck” the gHA, and much as I HATE THEM MYSELF, you’re wrong buddy. 20%of the stock in Glasgow at transfer was multi-storey, yet they took 30% of the repairs budget. Work out the ecoomics for yourself. Oh, and where DO you live now then? You neglected to say. Let the people who live there decide. What would you rather have? Back and front door or a manky multi-storey?

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