Glaswegians were promised that the creation of Culture and Sport Glasgow would not lead to charging for museums. predictably charges have been introduced. Services have also been altered, and in places marketised. The Arts and Culture magazine Variant has published an appraisal of the body, one year after its creation.

“More than the sum of its parts, the creation
of Culture and Sport Glasgow represents the
wholesale takeover of culture by business
interests. It posits a strategy for economic
regeneration that depends on the whims of elite
tourism and its pace of consumption in a period of
economic crisis. It demonstrates an ethos that is
smothering this city and others like it, regarding
culture solely in terms of its use value, stripped
of any emancipatory potential. Far from being
considered in terms of the universal creativity to
which every citizen has a right, culture in Glasgow
is framed in terms of passive participation and
money-making potential, with the city’s burghers
fast accumulating cultural capital in the process.
It remains to be seen how this approach will affect
the creativity of future generations as Glasgow’s
cultural communities are rendered impoverished
and complicit in the new Bohemia.”

The New Bohemia (an analysis of Culture and Sport Glasgow one year after its creation)


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