IT’S funny how all the “clean up the city” campaign came around at the time of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games bid! No one seemed to care before.

Underneath the Kingston Bridge, on the south side of the river, there is council-backed sports-style graffiti promoting the games. How ironic!


The GRN would like to knnow what you have to say about this issue? Enigmatic posters are going up across the city centre, and the Evening Times has been sent a range of views. We want to know what residents of this city think in greater detail. Where does graffiti begin and a mural end? What kind of built environment do we want to live in? Is graffiti more instrusive than advertising? Or do you find your neighbourhood bombarded with illegal billboards and flyposting?


One thought on “Games graffiti irony [Comment to ET]

  1. ahh i find that a colourful wall can be better a wall instead of a grey how many grey walls do you see? more than enough there needs to be change in the world graffiti is a way of art to most people and if it is really good and is art why have it removed or covered by a GREY wall which is boring if you want your store to be noticed or your company sure it gets noticed for being gray if its really tall but if it has a colourful wall or Graffiti that is a work of art on it then it will get noticed more than just a dull grey building

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