A number of people propose to have Glasgow become a transition town.

For further information on transition towns, see:-


The Glasgow Residents Network is aiming to promote a debate about this idea.

If you have any passionate thoughts or opinions on this idea we’d be really keen to hear from you.


One thought on “Glasgow: A Transition Town???

  1. As somebody who has been involved in the disucssions on a Transition Initiative for the past year, I should add that whereas there are 4 or 5 Transition Initiatives in Scotland following the primer as mentioned above, the Glasgow group has spent much longer debating (‘mulling’) what route to go down in Glasgow. Whilst we have collectively agreed that we will have a ‘social justice’ approach to the initiative, there is still much to discuss. I think the arguments in the Trapese Population Collective publication ‘The Rocky Road to Transition’ has contributed to the process in Glasgow – this can be read at http://trapese.clearerchannel.org/. Should you be interested in Towards Transition then please go to http://ttglasgow.ning.com/
    More news from Towards Transition soon I hope.

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