Stop Tesco Owning PartickRIVAL developers clashed at a public inquiry over major superstore plans.

Tesco is appealing a decision to refer a planning application for a development of supermarket and student flats at Partick, close to Glasgow Harbour to the Scottish Government.

[A ‘Times reader comments]:-

The ET really need to get to grips on the planning system and provide accurate information.

Tesco arent appealing against a decision to refer a planning application to the SG. They are appealing to the SG against the non-determination of 2 planning applications by GCC.

Are your reporters nodding off while the Inquiry is on??

Read the full article…

On day two of the inquiry, Patrick Clarkson, representing Tesco, stated a plan by Glasgow Harbour to have a retail development on an adjacent site would be more detrimental to traffic in the area.

However, he was interrupted by Glasgow Harbour representative Craig Conal who objected on the grounds his client’s proposal was not the subject of the inquiry.

Mr Clarkson said: “Glasgow Harbour with twice the retail space is claiming their traffic generation will be the same.”

Then, as he was questioning traffic expert Michael Summers, he asked what his assessment of the Glasgow Harbour plan would be.

Mr Conal objected, saying Mr Summers’s written precognition did not include any details of the Glasgow Harbour plan and questions on it were out of bounds.

Mr Clarkson added: “I have no doubt this is embarrassing for Glasgow Harbour. They are seeking to promote a scheme that’s twice as large with half the traffic.”

Earlier, the parties exchanged views on the need for an environmental impact assessment for the Tesco development.

Tesco claims a previous application which lapsed was screened for assessment and a new screening was not needed under planning laws.

Glasgow Harbour contended that the application stands on its own regardless and as such the procedure must be carried out.

The inquiry continues.

Publication date 24/04/08


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