From Evening Times

Staff at Hyndland Post Office say they have been told it is no longer on the list of outlets to be closed

CAMPAIGNERS fighting controversial post office closures in Glasgow believe a victory is in sight.

Hyndland Post Office in the West End of the city is understood to have been saved from the axe and an announcement is expected in days.

The manager of the branch on Clarence Drive claims he was told by Post Office bosses it has now been taken off the list of around 20 city-based offices earmarked for closure.

Post Office Ltd – which is currently losing £4million a week – announced a massive cull of its premises in October – saying it could no longer afford to keep all the city’s branches open.

A spokeswoman for the company would not confirm today if Hyndland Post Office would now remain open.

However an announcement detailing the final list of closures is expected to be made in the next few days following consultation on the plans.

The company has defended their plans but campaigners say the closures will leave vulnerable customers to travel up to a mile to their nearest service.

Stewart Niven, manager of Hyndland Post Office, said: “We were told on Friday morning from our area manager that the company had received an e-mail to say that the post office had been taken off the closure list.

“That is all I can say at the moment. We are over the moon.

“It is fantastic news for the customers and campaigners who have fought to keep us open.”

A spokeswoman for Postwatch Scotland said she was aware there had been some revisions to the original plans.

Kelvin MSP Pauline McNeil, who is fighting to save five branches in her constituency, including the Clarence Drive branch, welcomed the news.

She said: “This is a tremendous victory for campaigners.

“I am delighted for the local people who argued against the closure. I hope there will be more good news for customers next week.”

A Post Office Ltd spokeswoman said: “The consultation period for Greater Glasgow, Central Scotland and Argyll & Bute closed on December 3.

“All responses have been reviewed over the last few weeks.

“A decision booklet will be published early in January. At this stage we cannot confirm specific details for individual offices.”

by Caroline Wilson

Publication date 04/01/08



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