• Why is the Director of Development and Regeneration Services (ie the guy that handles new buildings and land sales!) writing to sitting tenants in Hamiltonhill about land contamination?
  • Why not the Director of Environmental Protection Services?
  • Why have the new build houses (the chunk taken out of the shaded area) been taken out of the investigations for site contamination?ham4.jpg

Hamiltonhill, a housing scheme by the edge of the Forth and Clyde canal, close to the city centre, has been mooted to be scheduled for demolition to make way for private housing along the canal, for a number of years now, especially since the publication of the Council’s Local Development Strategy on the Forth and Clyde canal (see the GRN page on this here). From the looks of this clumsy council communication GCC may be planning to use this ‘contamination’ line again. In previous years Hamiltonhill allotments were closed when GCC had found a buyer for the allotment land (rumoured to be Glasgow University) – they cited contamination issues for forcibly shutting the plots. After the deal fell through however the plot holders fought to have the allotments re-opened. They were reopened last year, without any evidence for the claimed ‘contamination.’


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