From the ET today: The Fight Over Tesco Town Goes To Public Inqury

As one enraged commentator noted…

Partick doesn’t need this – they think they can just walk in and take over wherever they go, they even get to demolish buildings (used or derelict, it doesn’t matter, there are regulations in place for this sort of thing – its called b—-y procedures, which this mob think doesn’t apply to them)

Get them tae f–k! All they want is your money as well as to clog the place up and shut down Dumbarton Road on a permanent basis, must be embarassing for all those Harbour people to shop there, doesn’t quite fit the image that Purcell & Co want for that area, well the peole there don’t want it – simple as that!

Tesco Illegally Destroys Old Partick Central Railway Station


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