Concierge pay offer forces staff out on strike.

ET Today

GHA chiefs are said to rely heavily on staff working extra hours to provide cover at a time when the union says almost 100 workers have left during the past year.

The union claims that Europe’s biggest social landlord relies so much on extra hours being worked that it paid out £2.6million in overtime during the first seven months of the year.

“[…]top posts at the GHA are attracting big wages while they average £15,500 a year. Concierge staff have asked for a 5% rise which would give them an extra £80 a month before tax.

[Retail Price Index is currently over 4%. A rise of less than 4% is therefore a pay cut.  Office of National Statistics]

Are you a concierge?  Do you know a concierge?  Are you a GHA tenant?  We want to hear your views on this and will be making a special feature in the coming weeks on this issue.


One thought on “Concierge Industrial Action

  1. North Glasgow H/O advertised in last weeks job sections for concierge, no holiday pay no sickness pay ! that shows real commitment.

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