full760928261107nlift2.jpgFrom the ET today…

A YOUNG mum forced to struggle up six flights of stairs with a toddler and baby to get to her flat today told how she’s been made a prisoner in her own home.

The lift in Leanne Baker’s seven-storey high-rise block has been out of order for the past eight weeks while maintenance work is carried out by Glasgow Housing Association.

The situation came to a head last month when Leanne’s two-year-old son Andrew was rushed to hospital and paramedics had to climb the 140 steps to the 6th floor.

GHA says it is doing its best to help – but according to Leanne that’s not enough.

Housing bosses wrote to residents at Maryhill’s Fearnmore Road flats in offering concierge assistance to tenants who needed it while the work was going on.

Initially, the concierge carried three-month-old Rhiannon while Leanne took Andrew.

But that help came to an end two weeks ago when the concierge said he could no longer carry the children on health and safety grounds.

Leanne says since then getting out of the house has been a nightmare. Work on the lifts isn’t due to end until December 21.

Leanne, a hair stylist married to Andrew, 24, said: “How am I supposed to carry two children down six flights of steps on my own? My husband works long hours and without help I’m trapped.”

When little Andrew became ill at home six weeks ago, NHS 24 nurses suspected meningitis and told Leanne to call an ambulance immediately.

But when paramedics arrived with their equipment they too were faced with the stairs.

Leanne said: “It took them three times as long to get up and down.

“Thankfully Andrew didn’t have meningitis, but he did have pneumonia which he still hasn’t fully recovered from.

“When I complained to my local housing office they said said Andrew would just have to walk up and down the stairs.

“I asked to be moved but all they could offer me was a cold, damp house with no furniture, and of course we couldn’t move our things out because the lifts are out of order.”

Bill Lanigan of GHA said: “Due to health and safety regulations our concierge staff are not permitted to carry children up or down stairs.

“We are making arrangements to assist Miss Baker with her children while ensuring our staff are also protected.”

Publication date 26/11/07


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