Spare a few minutes to help stop the undoing of the “Common Good”.  Centuries in the making…
Hello to all of you interested in The Common Good of Scotland Tomorrow is the closing date for responses to the LASAAC Consultation on Common Good Accounting

It is important that there are a significant number of responses from the general public all over Scotland as well as from the experts in the  field. This will demonstrate the growing and considerable interest and concern for Scotland`s Common Good, which matter greatly..see Andy Wightmans response page 2 Why do common good funds matter?  [link below]

It won`t take more than a few minutes of your time – At the link below you can read Expert Andy Wightman`s response, his co-author of the 2005 Common Good Report, accountant James Permans and Selkirk Community Councils responses.

So even if you only answer the four questions with a yes or no and add only a few other points, your response will matter greatly all the same.

The four questions from the covering letter you can see at 14th sept
entry http://www.andywightman.com/commonweal/cgl_progress.html

1. Do you agree that the legislative distinction of the Common Good should be reflected with a separate disclosure of common good statements?

2.Do you agree that the Common Good should not be subsumed into the local authority single entity accounts?

3. Do you agree that the Common Good is not a single entity?

4.Are there any other comments you would like to contribute to the development of the guidance?

Act before the end of business tomorrow Friday 2nd November.
email response to lasaac@cipfa.org FAO of – remembering to put your name, address and date and the recipients details as follows.

Don Peebles
Policy & Technical Manager
CIPFA Scotland
496 Ferry Road
Edinburgh EH5 2DL

Best wishes
Sally Richardson Petitioner on The Common Good PE961

I post updates on the Common Good on The Save Our Old Town Website at
Glasgow website covering Common Good


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