1. Ex-Loss and Fiddle sufferer Says:
    September 10, 2007 at 9:35 am eI use to live in Parkhead and fell fowl to the criminal activities of Loss and Fiddle. They were charging me insurance as well as the insurance charged by my bank. I worked in insurance at the time and knew that I was entitled to 50% back from each insurer, under the Double Insurance legislation. Did I ever see the money from them…….of course not. I am now in the process of deciding on Factors for our apartment in Holland.
    All these companies are the same, interconnected to building companies and suppliers to ensure the best for eveyone, everyone except the tennants that is!!!!
  2. Shawlander 2 Says:
    September 10, 2007 at 10:54 am eI agree with all of the comments made here. It is ‘way past time these ‘Factors’ got their wings clipped.
    In May this year I got the usual demands for money (including the ever-rising “management fee”)Included was a demand for £9.15 -for “…repairing burst(s)on main pipe(s)…”. The interesting thing about this was the date – July 2006, i.e. 9 months after the alleged repair. In my reply I asked who had reported this problem to them and when…who carried out the repairs and when…why had they waited almost ten months to present their bill…and observed that even if it were “an oversight…” in their Accounts department, what sort of confidence did they think that engenders in their clients with regards as to their assertions as to other works carried out and for which they are charged….(no invoices supplied)
    A further point : Clients are supposed to be given a choice of three quotes for a job done. The plumbing ‘work’ in my building has been done by the same firm for the last THIRTY years….which is as long as I have owned this flat. I needn’t spell it out…..same guy for thirty years and no invoices….not only for Mr.Sameguy but for virtually any firm who is alleged to have worked for our factors.
    Does anybody know what the Legal Basis of ‘Factors’ in Scotland is ? Someone pointed out that they behave in the same way as Landlords’ Agents did…which means they might as well put a gun to our heads when they make their demands for money. They are raking in millions every year and won’t send us properly invoiced bills while using the same sub-contractors and offering us no choice. What’s that smell ?
    How much longer are we going to take this contemptuous treatment from them ?
    DO something about it!!!
    Write to your Local Councillor…MSP…MP. We have our own Government now – let’s use to nail these bandits pdq.
    How much longer are we going to sit and take this ?

Earlier today the Glasgow Housing Association was forced to pay up to £1000 to owners it factored, after it emerged GHA had mischarged for VAT: Evening Times – – There can be victories!


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