Core paths extension

It seems that letters to The Herald can still, on occasion, move mountains. Following your publication of my recent letter on the public unavailability of the Glasgow Core Paths Plan, the tectonic pallets appear to have shifted. Boxes have been broken open and piles of these documents are being displayed on tables in the Mitchell Library and its local outstations throughout the city. At least they will not now be pulped before the public have a chance to read them.

However, as the core plan documents are all stamped as having been published in May, it is obvious that the public consultation period (officially ending on Friday, August 31) was meant to be spread over four months. In the circumstances, that these plans have been made generally open to public inspection for a mere three weeks in August, the only honourable course open to the city council is to extend the consultation period – until, perhaps, November. Otherwise, it would seem to me that the consultation would be essentially void.

Brian D Finch, 56 Fingal Street, Maryhill, Glasgow.


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