Does your washing machine not run unless you manually fill it with water?
Did you know its because your water pressure is too low to run a washing machine? This requires an hour of a plumber’s time but GHA don’t want to spend our rent money on this basic fix.

The standard answer we were all getting from our housing officers is that “A washing machine is a luxury item” and that GHA won’t do the basic fixes to our plumbing to get what I’m sure they all have in their homes!

However the Glasgow Residents Network now has a sub committee to make sure that every GHA tenant can have in the 21st century what most people consider a basic item.

So far due to a sustained campaign on a single test case we have won this for one tenant. Now we have won that precedent we want to get the same for everybody. However thats not going to be easy.

If your washing machine only works properly if you manually fill it give us your details and we’ll add you to our list. Also get in touch if you want to be part of the campaign to get this basic necessity for everyone.

Together we can win!


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