Another victory for homeowners! The ‘Times leads:

THOUSANDS of city homeowners were today celebrating a U-turn which will see them repaid up to £1000.

They are to receive rebates after the taxman decided to grant GHA a multi-million pound rebate.

After a U-turn by HM Revenue and Customs, GHA will now repay cash to around 3000 homeowners.


In April, HMRC said GHA had to charge homeowners 17.5% as the work was carried out by contractors on behalf of the housing association, and not individual homeowners.

But campaigning owner-occupiers put pressure on GHA to appeal the decision – and their persistence paid off.

Homeowner Conor McNally, who was first to bring the situation to the attention of GHA, said he was overjoyed.

Mr McNally, from Whiteinch, was slapped with a bill for £6000 – more than £500 of which was for VAT.

The 31-year-old IT consultant said: “This really is fantastic news.

“Homeowners like myself have kept up the pressure and at last we’ve got a result.

“I’m getting married in December so the extra cash will come in very handy.” […]


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