PRESS RELEASE: Having sent the message to Tesco through a Mass Massage, All Tomorrow’s Particks are planning to bomb the proposed Tesco site.

fileaccessaspx.jpgUsing seeds that represent the bio-diversity of Scotland, clay and soil (sourced locally) the group are inviting local residents to come together to make seed bombs before firing them into the site via a medieval style catapult.


 “During the Mass Massage event everyone filled out wish cards. A lot of people wanted to see more green space, possibly a park, community garden or city farm. So that’s what we’re going to make happen by planting hundreds of seeds on the site.” Explained Nic Green, spokesperson for the group. “It’s simple really, if this is what the community wants, why shouldn’t they have it?”


The group are inviting anyone who would prefer a green space over a monolithic multinational to come to Beith Street, behind Partick’s other supermarket – Morrisons at 3 pm, Sunday, June 17th where everyone has the chance to uproot Tesco plans and plant their own.


“This next month could be critical in the decision over the use of the site. We’ve heard that Glasgow City Council will be meeting shortly to push through a decision. But many of the people we have spoken to still feel that they haven’t had a say.”  Added Green.


A high resolution image is available at: http://www.alltomorrowsparticks.org/images/Dear-Green-Place.jpg


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