Posted by: Alistair MacDonald, Scotland on 4:50pm today
More mealy mouthed response from the Church of Scotland spokesperson.It beggars belief that any committee could “give full consideration to all the factors” and still come up with this heinous act of religious, spiritual, cultural and historical vandalism. Why not come clean and admit that the decision was perverse and could only be arrived at by the toss of a coin or some other equally scientific method. The congregations thought they were getting arbitration, what they got was arbitrary!

From the response to the Evening Times today, Fingers Crossed That Lotto Can Save Church From Axe

LOTTERY cash could save the future of the historic Govan Old Parish Church – earmarked for closure under church merger plans.

Glasgow City Council has now made an application for £2million under the Lottery’s Townscape Heritage Initiative.

If the bid is successful it is expected the cash will be matched by other organisations.

Govan councillor John Flanagan hopes the cash would be enough for the running and upkeep of the building so that it could stay open as a working church.

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The decision by an arbitration committee of the Church of Scotland to close the church as part of a merger of three Govan parishes has been widely condemned.


One thought on “More On Govan Old Parish Kirk

  1. Please don’t close the church. I have ancestors from Govan Parish and hope to
    visit someday.

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