What do you think of the plan the city council has for our city?  [CityPlan2 is online here]

Demos, a thinktank which carried out a survey of the views of over 500 people yesterday launched a 122 page report which “savaged” the council’s regeneration plans.  Writers into the Evening Times Noted:-


“HOT TOPIC: Citizens fed up being given spin

Funny how the council doesn’t like it when its citizens tell it what they actually want and not just the spin we are always being fed.

EMMA, Glasgow

Too ordinary to fit in

I’ve wondered how long it would take for a report like this to come out. Meanwhile, I’ve moved out of Glasgow altogether.What with my ordinary job, salary and dreams, I get the distinct impression I don’t quite fit into the bold new vision of contemporary “weegieness” that Messrs Purcell and Co seek to promote.

BIG AL, Paisley

Truth’s out at long last

AT last, a report that tells the truth about what real Glasgow people feel. As far as the council is concerned Glasgow starts at Broomielaw and ends after Crow Road.


Graduated to failure

Despite being a graduate, I earn nowhere near enough to get a mortgage in any of these “regenerated” areas.


Remember city’s roots

TO impose a vision of the future on a city by decree is not progress at all. It is a dictatorship. A pity Glasgow appears so badly governed by self-interest that it cannot seem to remember its working class roots.

DAVID, London

Where’s proud spirit?

I’M visiting my home city of Glasgow after 35 years in Winnipeg, Canada. There have been a lot of changes in the city, not all for the better, but what struck me most is the apparent submissiveness of the populace.When I was growing up there was a “we are Glaswegians so don’t mess with us” air that politicians had a healthy respect for. Whatever has happened to this proud spirit?


Glasgow growing at last

WHY complain that money is coming into Glasgow for once and the city is growing when before it was shrinking? That’s just ridiculous.I look down the Clyde and watch with pride as the city’s skyline is transformed from run-down into a workhorse again.

IAIN, A Proud Glaswegian

City centre’s only concern

THE city council wants the city centre for tourism but neglects public transport and the outlying areas dogged by crime and no-go areas.”

You can see the Demos report in full here:-



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