Kibble Palace

Its busiest weekend so far was during the orchid fair earlier this month which saw a record 8867 visitors to the attraction.

The £7million restoration of the Kibble involved dismantling the glasshouse piece by piece and transporting it to South Yorkshire for repair and conservation to be carried out. (ET today)


Springburn Glasshouse (seen here in 2005) remains a ruin. No money has been spent on it. How many community facilities like this across the city have been forgotten, in the rush to cash in on image conscious tourism that sees massive increased investment in areas like the West End, which are already well endowed culturally and well kept (leading of course to increased problems of traffic congestion and damaging shops and facilities aimed at locals in these places as well mind)? Who decides this kind of thing? Would most Glasgow residents really elect to spend over 7 million on a Glass House in the West End which was already functioning nicely, while parks in Springburn look like a scene out of some apocalyptic movie?


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