More public transport farce.

New Night Buses ran by First and funded by public company SPT to travel the same route as the city’s subway, have been used by only around five people per bus. They have cost the taxpayer over 300 grand so far.

As a number of Glasgow residents point out to the Evening Times, a few expensive wheezes which subsidise First don’t exactly add up to an integrated transport system…

Your views:-

Realist wrote:
Is the Evening Times working for SPT/First? If I’m not wrong, 100 passengers over the first weekend, which totals 19 hours of service on said Subway buses, makes 5 passengers an hour – FIVE passngers – on the six buses going aimlessly, fruitlessly, round in circles. That’s a lot of empty buses at any one time. And a big, perhaps unsustainable waste of cash. How about some objective reporting? Or can Ian Lundy not do basic maths? Did your editor not read this story properly?

I couldn’t agree more. Another 300 grand of taxpayers money thrown away by SPT. And who gets it?, surprise, surprise, their old friends at First Bus. First Bus must be laughing up their sleeves yet again. 100 passengers?, they couldn’t care less if they get 10, the big fat cheque from SPT has been cashed once more!!. I shouldn’t be too harsh though. With a 2.5 million deficiit in their accounts last year, as far as First are concerned, “Every Little Helps”…Except we mugs are expected to do the helping in the form of subsidysing this farce..It’s time the cosy relationship between First Bus and the supposedly impartial SPT wa investigated in this city.


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