News Release

For Immediate Release – 25 April 2007, Glasgow

Press Contact: Ryan Galbraith, press@alltomorrowsparticks.org, 07799140090

Get The Massage – Partick Says No To Tesco

On Sunday 29 April 2007 at 3pm All Tomorrow’s Particks will be attempting to set the record for the world’s largest mass massage, under the guidance of a qualified and experienced masseur.

The group are seeking: local stress-heads, adrenalin-junkies, tired parents, exhausted shoppers, dog walkers, low-paid part-timers, chief executives, the poorly postured and the hung over to have their troubles rubbed away in one big moment of stress relief.

This is the first in a series of events in the run up to the outcome of Tesco’s planning application for a 24 hour mega-store, 541 parking spaces and 925 student flats covering 9950 square meters on the Beith Street site.

It is clear from the public meetings that many people in Partick don’t want a Tesco at the bottom of Byres Road.  The planned store is too big and not in keeping with its surroundings.  It will result in increased congestion, have a negative environmental impact and will force the closure of some local businesses.

“It’s important to take action if you’re against the development.”  Argues Robert Walton, Partick resident and spokesperson for the group.  “It’s all very well going to meetings and complaining to friends but if you don’t take action then you’re making it easier for Glasgow City Council to rubber stamp Tesco’s planning application.”

“All Tomorrow’s Particks want to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can come together as a community and take part in something which will inspire them to think of an alternative use for the site.”

This event is an opportunity for the residents of Partick and the surrounding areas to come together to voice their opposition to Tesco in an alternative, creative fashion – to stand up and be massaged!

All Tomorrow’s Particks is a collective of people who live and work in the Partick area.  They have come together to create visions of what Partick could be for the future – a place determined by the people who live there. 

3pm Sunday 29th April

Meet at the green space behind Morrison’s on Beith Street

All welcome

For a map or further information you can visit our home page www.alltomorrowsparticks.org or www.myspace.com/alltomorrowsparticks


One thought on “Partick’s World Record Massage Attempt

  1. Really good to see what looks like the beginings of a residents association coming out of the Partick anti-TESCO fight! This city really needs strong and active local residents associations to fight for all our communities, from Partick, to Milton to Castlemilk to Balornock. Everywhere. Keep it up Partickies!


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