Sheriff bans GHA chiefs from chasing residents for cash

CAMPAIGNERS struggling to pay hefty home improvement bills have claimed a major victory against Scotland’s biggest landlord.

In a dramatic move yesterday, a Glasgow sheriff suspended all court cases taken by Glasgow Housing Association against homeowners.

Sheriff Peebles issued an order recommending that no further cases would be brought against families over unpaid bills, following the introduction of a new loan scheme by Communities Scotland.

Dozens of families have already registered for the loans which will be administered by Glasgow City Council.



But despite signing up for the cash help, homeowners were still called to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court over the unpaid bills.

David Procter, 40, from Anniesland, was among the families whose case was dismissed by the sheriff.240407ngha492081full.jpg

The 40-year-old bus driver, who owes £5300, said: “It’s a huge relief. We never refused to pay. We just wanted more time.”

As reported in the Evening Times, hundreds of homeowners face charges of up to £9000 after Glasgow Housing Association speeded up a city-wide improvement programme.

GHA demanded homeowners pay their share of the money in full within one year.

Many ended up in court because they couldn’t afford to pay on time.

Families were delighted when Communities Scotland announced the loan scheme earlier this month.

Campaigners are now urging the GHA to issue an official statement that no families will be cited to appear in court following the sheriff’s recommendation.

For more on the story see the Evening Times article.  Yet again this latest victory shows that when people stand up for themselves and their communities they can win.  Before the campaign got underway many homeowners faced financial ruin and homelessness – indeed as GHA took homeowners to Court many were issued with open decrees (where the factor gets to keep the house).  This campaign has also led to the formation of a few residents associations, which will continue to fight for their neighbourhoods after the homeowners situation is resolved – that’s something that we can surely welcome.


2 thoughts on “Another victory for the Homeowners Campaign

  1. Excellent result! What a relief for those who have been landed with debt not of their own making.
    We (in Hillington) have been fighting GHA bills unaided for some time now since we are determined to stand up to these bullies although our improvements (!) have not yet reached the stage of rendering etc. and our bills are nothing in comparison to others. Had our neighbourhood been aware of the campaign earlier, we would have joined before now. It’s a relief to know that there are people who are on the same wavelength as us and are ready to support in whatever way they can. I have already initiated a meeting in our local school to alert others to this first rate Campaign. Currently we are suffocating under a Labour assisted Tenants/Residents Committee. I must commend Sean Clerkin and Co. for their courage and integrity

  2. i would also like to commend knightswood residents group for all their hard work as well over the last year thanks for all the hard work in helping my gran fight the gha one letter and phone call from you to these bullys and all her worries and concerns were dealt with…keep up the hard work guys you dont get the credit you all deserve

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