ONE of the first actions being taken by the trust looking after Glasgow’s culture and leisure facilities is to hire a £52,000-a-year publicity officer.

A hunt has been launched for “a media manager” for Culture and Sport Glasgow, the charitable trust that came into existence last week.

[Evening Times, 13/04/07]

A new website has been set up to chronicle the selloff of Glasgow’s Culture and Leisure Services which aims to keep people updated on the latest news.  Take a look and send us your views!  GlasgowLost

Here’s what it has to say about the new Board of Culture and Sport Glasgow:-


Culture and Sport Glasgow: The Board

The board of Culture and Sport Glasgow, the private trading company which now manages Glasgow’s Common Good Asset, comprises 10 directors, only six of whom are elected. The non-elected board members include:

The Right Honourable Norman Somerville Macfarlane, Baron of Bearsden, KT, DL

The Right Honourable Norman Somerville MacfarlaneA regular ‘man-of-the-people’ and Tory member of the House of Lords, whose titles have included:

  • Director, Edinburgh Fund Managers plc
  • Chair, Glasgow Development Agency
  • Director, Clydesdale Bank plc
  • Director, General Accident Fire & Life Assurance
  • Chair, American Trust plc
  • Chair, United Distillers UK plc
  • Chair, Guinness plc

Sir Angus Grossart

Sir Angus is worth a relatively modest £60 million.

…Sir Angus Grossart, a Scottish merchant banker, sat on the committee that voted through a £2.54m package for four top Royal Bank of Scotland managers. The sum was awarded as a “special bonus” after the bank’s £23bn takeover in March 2000 of the NatWest bank [which resulted in 9,000 redundancies].

[One of the recipients of the bonus later commented that “for a top banker a £750,000 bonus was not even enough to buy “bragging power in a Soho wine bar”.]

Cahal Milmo, The Independent
March 28, 2001

Lord Stevenson of Coddenham

Lord Stevenson is one of the richest men in Scotland.

Lord Stevenson of Coddenham is one of those moneybags who pop up on countless committees, from pop festivals to New Town developments. The sort of banker beloved of Tony Blair, one who appears to know everything about everything and usually doesn’t…

In Stevenson’s view it appears that hairdressers, for example, would be out of their depth in the Lords. Such a patronising attitude is to be expected from a man who sees his lofty task to “not diminish, but enhance” the stature and work of the Lords…

He has spoken twice in seven years, has not voted for more than four and has turned up for only one debate in three years.

Richard Stott, Sunday Mirror
May 21, 2006


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