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The Evening Times recently covered that Glasgow City Council and the GHA, as part of their accelerated demolitions strategy are seeking to revoke some of the protections lain out in the stock-transfer of council housing to the GHA. The report’s below, but more interesting are some of the contributors to the debate on Glasgow Guide, one of Glasgow’s most popular websites.

LindaMac Writes:-

??? wont this mean yet again an us & them,the haves & the have nots again all over? when they set aside the best land to be sold to privatesectors & the cheaper land will be used to provide social housing etc isnt this the sameold sameold? iam finding it difficult to see where this becomes good? or where problems are solved just moving the problems around to differing areas? is it not?

Glenafton Responds:-


Surely you realise that if “Friends of friends” did not make money out of these types of project then there would be a lessing of the division between the Haves and the Have not’s and that would never do. Can you imagine a society where there was a social equality?. A society where there was no poverty? A society based on the dignity of man and where there was no want from the basics of life? Pipe dreams,girl. Pure unadulterated pipe dreams. How on earth would we ever be able to differentiate between the classes if the wealthy were made to earn their wealth from their own sweat and not from the backs of the less fortunate. Dare I suggest that you stop being so logical in suggesting that only the selected few will have anything to gain from this proposal and accept this “Wonderful” gift that the corporation is bestowing on the people of the less wealthy areas.

The Evening Times writes:-

Glasgow City Council has announced plans to transform the city’s housing landscape through a massive building programme costing GBP £1.5billion. The development work, if carried out would, result in the largest regeneration project to be carried out in the UK, The plan involves demolishing thousands of apparently poor quality houses and replacing them with almost 12,000 new homes to buy and rent. The plan would completely change city housing provision in the following areas within 15 years:

  • East Govan/Ibrox
  • Gallowgate
  • Laurieston
  • Maryhill
  • North Toryglen
  • Red Road
  • Sighthill
  • Shawbridge

The council says that a large number of national and international property developers are waiting in the wings to assist the city with the ambitious transformation.

Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell said:


“There are still too many areas of this city which are not part of the success Glasgow is enjoying. Today we are sending out a very strong signal that it is our intention to ensure the city’s economic boom leaves a legacy for generations to come.”

The development plan – which is subject to Scottish Executive approval – would appear to involve selling off land in ‘high-value’ areas such as Laurieston and Sighthill to private property developers, and using the money to fund new social housing in ‘low-value’ elsewhere in the city.

GHA Depute development and regeneration director Gerry Gormal said:


“We think there is huge private sector potential. However land values in Laurieston and Sighthill will be much higher than the East End of the Gallowgate, so by doing work in all eight areas there is a chance for cross subsidy.”

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