I’m working on a TV piece about the council tax and I’m looking for a two income family who’d be willing to take part. If it sounds like something you or anyone you know would be interested in then please email me […]

I’m a BBC producer, (and Maryhill resident). I’m looking for a two income family to film for a TV piece about how we pay for local services. Money from
the council tax helps to pay for everything from our schools, to refuse collection, fireservices to museums. Reform or replacement of the council tax is likely to be a key feature in the elections to the Scottish Parliament this May. All the main parties are proposing to alter the current set up. The details haven’t been published yet but Labour and the Conservatives look set to retain the property based council tax while the SNP and Lib dems favour a local income tax. With any change there will of course be winners and losers. What I’d like to do is interview a family to get their views on the current set up, talk about council services and to work out if they would be better or worse off under the different proposals. Because of the rules that govern broadcasting during the election period I can’t interview anyone who is a
party activist or standing for election. If you would be interested in taking part please email me at yana.thandrayen@bbc.co.uk


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