sighthill has been used as a dumping ground now for all sorts of human debris for the last few years,yet its prime land for private developers.the “decent” people who live here will now become the new immigrants shipped out to other parts of the city because they will not be able to afford the type of housing built here.meanwhile the council will make multi millions from private companies ,its not right is it? still it could have been worse they could have stuck a fence around it and made it the biggest detention centre in britain.

What do you think about yesterday’s Evening Times article’s revelations? Contribute here.

What a daft poll, of course it can ‘transform’ areas – the point is that social cleansing of working class communities and the continuing running down of the rest of our communities to make way for yuppy flats and Barratt box ‘communities’ is not exactly something to be welcomed. Glad to see such a fair and balanced editorial from the Evening Times as well. Did Steve Inch write it?

As the commenter Stevie points out this isn’t exactly something unexpected, it’s part of a planned process of degeneration and gentrification.


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