The Evening Times claims nearly 700 people voted in their poll to approve the SPT plan to invest £2.6 billion in upgrading and expanding the city’s subway network.

Clearly for many Glasgow residents the issue of public transport is one which is very close to their heart.

To contribute to the Evening Times discussion visit: http://tinyurl.com/3xo9h3

On this website we have posted an alternative plan by a contributor to the Evening Times discussions.  This plan was also submitted to SPT.

The SPT board is comprised of a number of councillors.  Glasgow residents have been sold short by SPT, which has not invested significantly in the city’s transport infrastructure for many years, leaving many communities with, at best, a partial and inadequite bus service run by the firm First, which is notorious for changing routes without notice, for being overpriced, for running late on services, for treating staff appalingly and for having a very poor safety record.  It’s about time ordinary residents of this city were allowed access to the information we need to have an informed debate about our city’s public transport infrastructure.


2 thoughts on “The discussion continues… Glasgow’s Public Transport Strategy

  1. It’s good to keep this important subject in focus because the SPT is determined to move matters on with their plan and their plan only. On Friday the SPT Board met and approved their plan for the Subway’s East End extension. In doing so the Evening Times poll was used to justify their stance and underline “support” for their plans. Chair of the SPT Alistair Watson was quick to lay claim to the ET poll:

    “These survey results show that we are in tune with the needs of the public. The message is clear – we want what you want.
    “This city needs a world-class Subway system. That’s what our passengers deserve. I realise an extension won’t come cheap and we still have lots of hurdles to overcome but, in my view, what the public wants, the public should get.”

    It appears that because just over 600 readers of the E.T. clicked a mouse button for extending the Subway, then the city is set to commit £2.6 bn to the SPT plan.

    So, the message is simple get over 600 supporters and you can tell the SPT what kind of transport system you would like – after all, “what the public wants, the public should get.”

  2. Glasgow subway should be upgraded and expanded especiall for the commonwealth games,and the scottish gvt should finance it

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