In order to have a real debate about Public Transport, and how it affects our communities we need to have access to information. Bill Forbes’ submitted a plan that was never published. We’re posting it here to promote debate.

Glasgow Subway 2020 Vision

Yesterday the Evening Times ran with front page headlines that the city’s subway may see some £2.6 billion worth of investment.

Take a look at their article online, and add your comment:-


In the discussion that followed the article a Glasgow resident named Alan wrote: “This whole deal of extending the subway has been going on for years, remember in 1999 the (then) Strathclyde Regional Council were going to reintroduce trams betweem Maryhill – Easterhouse, Drumchaple – Tollcross etc (with the Maryhill Terminus terminating where the old Maryhill Central Station was, and going by the old rail route via Botanic Gardens and Kelvinbridge?) It never took off and some of the land where the station used to be is now concreted over and is now a Bingo Hall.

As for Celtic Park, SPT are going to build a new train Station near to the Forge Shopping Centre, so there will be no requirement for a subway station, Dalmarnock has its own subway station as does Denniston – In the form of Bellgrove, Duke Street AND Alexandra Park stations. The Gorbals is not far from Bridge Street Subway, and there are plenty of connections by bus to the Royal infirmary from Buchanan St Subway and getting the plentiful supply of busses from outside Queen St Station.

I am not saying its NOT a good idea to extend the subway, but in order for the People of Glasgow to Feel the full benefits, I feel it should be extended beyond a silly wee circle serving the newly gentrified areas of the East End.

For Example – Have a service between Easterhouse and Erskine. Easterhouse Train Station is so out of the way for many people within the estate, and there are VERY limited buses there, why not have a subway service which cuts thru underneath the city diagonally, to serve, not just Easterhouse (and have a station at the shopping centre) but also have a station at Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre.

It Can utilise existing overground track which is not used and serve a neighbourhood which is badly served with Buses and Trains such as Erskine and have a stop at Glasgow Airport, and also serve Govan and Paisley, which will also benefit the many people going to Glasgow Airport. Or is my theory far too ambitious”

Bill Forbes commented: “The proposed subway extension looks like a great idea, but perhaps it looks greater than it really is – the SPT are famous for making themselves look busy; presenting some pretty pictures then by the time action is needed the price doubles.

Q1. Why has it taken two years to do the study?

Q2. Only two months ago the SPT announced a 20 year master transport plan (RTS) for the Region – why were these fantastic plans not included?

Q3. If the RTS is to be believed, any plans for the Subway come in to being after 2016 – I smell an election approaching!

As part of the RTS, I submitted a plan entitled Glasgow Subway a 2020 Vision. This incorporated a refurbishment of the existing Subway (including full disabled access and a new three platform station serving Ibrox; a new modern second line running in the Clyde from the Airport through Braehead, the Southern General, Glasgow Harbour, Govan, the SECC, Broomielaw, St. Enoch, the Law Courts, Bridgeton, Dalmarnock, Celtic Park (three platforms), Parkhead Forge, Carntyne, Edinburgh Road, and a loop through Glasgow Fort, Easterhouse, Garrowhill and Barlanark.

A future extension shows a further new line serving South Glasgow – via line going through Ibrox, Bellahouston and splitting to connect the new Silverburn Shopping Centre and Newton Mearns in the south west, whilst the other branch developed a station for the Victoria Infirmary and Hampden (three platforms).

All this would be controlled from one single depot – the expanded Broomloan Road depot – does the SPT scheme have two depots?

With extensive park and ride and integration with existing rail and bus routes I would argue that this would serve Glasgow’s travelling public better. Glasgow is a strong retail city, it is important that we work with those who have invested heavily in new shopping provisions to provide a safe, cheap and efficient mode of transport. Similarly, only last week we had Alistair Watson wishing to charge the Health Board for transportation to the new Southern General. Where in his new plan are there specific provisions for health care transport?

Hoever perhaps the biggest condemnation goes to the Evening Times. The paper was sent three copies of my plan and it didn’t receive one mention – never mind a front page banner headline. Something to do with not wishing to upset a major advertiser?

My web site http://www.subway2020.com will soon be live but anybody wishing a copy of my report can have one by e-mailing me direct at wilforbes@aol.com and anybody who supports a call to have the Evening Times publish my proposals would also be welcomed!”

See for yourself what Bill’s plans have to say. We’d appreciate your comments. We need a real debate on the future of our city.

Glasgow Subway 2020 Vision


2 thoughts on “Transport Strategy?

  1. I think your comment about the Evening Times and their responsibility towards advertisers is an important one, and one of the reasons genuine change that favours the individual is impossible.

    The media sell their wares to the public, and then sell their public to the corporations through advertising. Thats a significant conflict of interest, and given that advertising generates more revenue, its quite certain who will most often see their argument portrayed.

  2. Yes Barry, a good summation of the problem of being a lone voice, particularly one against big business. Money certainly talks and it talks loud enough to gag the freedom of the press so it seems.

    But, I am looking to fight fire with fire and have asked the E.T. to cost an advert so that I can have my proposal printed.

    Let’s see what they say – I can hear the phone in the SPT office ringing right now.

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