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Dear Fellow Glasgow Resident Groups,

We are writing to you as you may already know that the heat with rent arrangement that many GHA tenants pay is being withdrawn, leaving many vulnerable tenants potentially in the cold. We are very angry about this. We didn’t think the heat with rent arrangement was the best, however it was the only option that we were given. We feel ripped off, as we have paid all this money for a service, and when we need it, it’s being taken away. It wasn’t the best service, it was however the only available, and the GHA and the council are not about to give us our money back, without a fight.

This situation raises serious concerns, leaving many vulnerable low income houses out of pocket having to find extra money to heat their homes when they’ve already paid for it. This is completely unacceptable, that’s why we’re contacting you. We want to put our heads together to a stop to this. As a wider movement we can put a stop to this completely, so we really want to have an informal chat with you about this situation. We’d appreciate it if you could give us a ring. We’re just local tenants who’re concerned about this, it’s not a political thing, but we do want to speak to you and get this sorted out. Contact Mark or Graham, at 07932443453, or ring Nick at 07910627970. Even if you don’t want to attend a meeting at an arranged date your thoughts and comments would still be really helpful to us.

All the best, for a fairer deal,

Cedar Tenants Association

Printable copy here:-

Heat With Rent Open Letter



One thought on “Open Letter From Cedar Tenants Association

  1. When a local authority relinquishes its responsibility for housing provision as the City of Glasgow has it relinquishes its right to govern the new service. I am appalled at what has happened here to your tenants. It is a meanness of the lowest order. Unfortunately, it is political as the City Council does have a responsibility but will deny it nowl. My thinking however at a practical level is that I suspect, as you never get anything for nothing, the previous arrangement must have had a formula which meant that rent and heating was in a proportion eg 50/50, 70/30 whatever. Ask your councillor what it was. Then ask what the new ‘rents’ will be and deduct that percentage component for heating from the ‘new’ rent agreement. There has to be a previous proportion. If you are told that has been taken into account ask for all deliberations taken by your landlord on this subject. He will be required to address this in law and provide you with the appropriate calculation. He must tell you why he cannot provide this if he seeks exemption. If he will not provide it contact the Information Commissioner who will investigate.

    Ralph Green
    Chair – Buckingham, Hamilton and Ruskin Association (Glasgow West End)

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