Hello and welcome to the latest mailout by the Glasgow Residents Network.  We are looking to develop these mailouts about residents association news and roundups into a regular monthly mailout in email and print format via an email list and regular contact list.

if you or your organisation know of any news or information about residents organisation activities in your area or anyone who you feel would benefit from being added to these mailouts then please let us know at either of the two email address above.

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The Glasgow Residents Network


* Register your interest in our next conference
* Community Action!  Issue 1
* Citywide Demonstrations
* ~~~~~Up~ the~~ Canal~~~

For further information on the Glasgow Residents Network see our website http://www.glasgowresidents.wordpress.com

Register your interest in our next conference:-

The Glasgow Residents Network is to be holding its second conference this October.  The conference is aimed at building unity and working towards closer links between individuals and residents associations from across the city, to improve communication and build upon the existing mutual support and assistance.

We urge anyone who is part of a residents organisation such as a tenants association, a local campaighn action group, residents association, or community council to come along for what we hope will be a positive and fruitful afternoon of discussion and a chance to meet like-minded people and campaigners from across the city.

In order to gauge homw many people are intending on attending, and how many groups intending on sending a representative if you can please could you indicate to us whether or not you or your group intends to attend.

The six workshop for discussion at the conference are confirmed as:-

* The Scottish Executive’s Regeneration Statement, “People and Place”, And How It Will Impact Our Communities
* Second Stage Transfer And The Role Of ‘Community Housing Associations’
* GHA’s Rent Restructuring Review, And What It Means For Glasgow Housing Association Tenants
* Demolition and (Re)development – Our City’s Changing – Is It For The Better?
* Right-To-Buy – A Discussion On The Issues Raised By And The Strategies For The Future OF The Recent GHA Homeowners Movement.
* Anti-social Behaviour – What Can We Do To Address What For Many Is The Main Issue In Their Communities?

[At present we have the first three Saturdays in October pencilled in as potential dates for the conference, which is to be held at the Renfield St Stephen Church just off Charing Cross, and within the next few days we will be firming up the date and timetable – pending the availability of workshop facilitators.]

Community Action!  Issue 1

The Glasgow Residents Network is to finish work on its new newsletter comunity action – which is a quarterly roundup of Glasgow residents association activites – if you or your organisatoin have a story for the bulletin or you wish to distribute copies in your area, please let us know shortly and we’ll get in contact

Citywide Demonstrations:-

For The Cumlodden Community

Wednesday 27th September, 1:30PM, meet Cumlodden Drive, Maryhill, opposite church, to march to Maryhill LHO offices (Gairbraid Avenue) for 2pm.

Residents of the Cumlodden Estate in Maryhill have been the subject of years of neglect by their landlord, the GHA, and before that by the council.  Many residents currently do not have flushing toilets, and have had to cope with Eastern European piping fitted by GHA blocking and causing effluent spillage in their homes.  For months now Community Housing Manager Bill Lanigan has been making a series of promises to residents, often in writing, to state that investment is due to be made, all of them have proven false.  This culminated last week in a meeting held for residents in the area called by the GHA where the landlord tried to disavow earlier promises of installing apex roofs to the flatroofed damp properties.  Residents had had enough and voted against the betrayal, for new apex roofs to make their homes watertight.

No more lies, no more false promises – we want investment!

Come along on Wednesday the 27th September, at 1:30PM, at Cumlodden Drive and show your support for a Maryhill Community that is fighting to be treated fairly.

For Right-To-Buy Homeowners

Thursday 28th September, at 11:30AM outside the City Chambers, George Square.

There is a rally and protest to demonstrate about the failure of the City Council to overturn antiquated deeds of covenant for right-to-buy homeowners and the continuing failure of the GHA and the City Council to arrive at zero-percent interest loans for homeowner facing huge bills from the GHA (the council is to be the lender) and for the authorities to carry out independent investigations into the awarding of contracts to firms for investments ordered by the GHA.

Homeowners across the city continue to be enraged about bills which are massively inflated and which they have no say over.

~~~~~Up~ the~~ Canal~~~

“Councillors approved the draft plan in June. The public are now being asked to give their
comments on it. […] All comments on the regeneration plan must be received by 15th September, 2006.” – Issue 2, The Canal Voice (council newsheet)

Glasgow City Council has put forward a new strategy for the Forth And Clyde Canal. This strategy (located at http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/A80496FE-608C-4A66-89E4-26550C88D9BC/0/ForthandClydeLDS2.pdf)
entails privatizing the support and maintenance of the canal infrastucture and funding the new body set up to take over – a community development company called the ‘Glasgow Canal Regeration Partnership’ – through the profits of new housing sales along the canal betwwen Port Dundas and Sighthill at one end and maryhill locks at the other.  It sets forwards a visions which runs entirely contrary to the findings of the council’s own consultation which was worked on in parallel to the developmenet of the plans.  For more information and details about the plans see the Glasgow Residents Association website – over the next few days we will be adding together notes and documents to develop and alternative strategy

In the meantime here is a draft resolution put to the last meeting of the Glasgow Residents Network, calling for more time for the community to consider the plans (which have of course been developed over several years by a number of fulltime staff):-

“We believe that the LDS has been arrived at undemocratically – despite the consultation the views of most Glaswegians have been ignored.

In the consultation the council openly admits that most people are against the development of solely private housing along the canal, against the erosion of green space and building of iconic design which devalues the wild nature of the canal, yet these are the major proposals.  We also read next to nothing about increasing public safety and security through a canal warden system yet this is the public’s main priority.

We take issue too with the setting up of an undemocratic qango to procure investment – particularly as this is tied to revenue from housing sales, and we are especially concerned about the extreme conflicts of interst at the top, particularly given that plans as they stand propose to drop city planning guidelines, in key regions, in relation to residential density.  The potential for corruption then is huge.

In relation to the LDS we demand further time for consultation.  it is unfair that plans which will have been on the drawing board for years in som cases must be deliberated over by the public in a matter of weeks.

We also demand the setting up of a task force comprised of all willing vommunity participants which is to be afforded a executive say to look into plans as they stand in greater detail.

However insofar as we are willing to work with the council, if we cannot see any discernable sign of being listened to, we will be forced as a network to take further action.”

Please also see below the detailed response by the Spiers Wharf Residents Committee:-

        Submitted by the Speirs Wharf Residents Sub-Committee
   in response to the Forth and Clyde Canal Community Consultation
                        (Port Dundas to Maryhill)
                         12 September, 2006
In addition to the points already raised in section 5 of document entitled ‘The Forth and Clyde
Canal Consultation (Port Dundas to Maryhill)’, for which we wish to state our support, we would
like to add the following points:
Access and safety
        Recent increase in car crime
        Lack of pavements and pedestrian crossing points
        Limited pedestrian access – specifically for parents with prams, wheelchair users and
        Danger created on bend by queuing traffic at new lights on Craighall Road
        No public transport route serving the area
        Insufficient parking provision
        Emergency service access issues
        Poorly-maintained and insufficient street lighting
        When safety has been highlighted as an issue for so many groups – why no visible
        If the Canal is to become a long-term visitor / tourist attraction, then secure parking
        solutions must be provided as part of the overall development
        When is the pedestrian conduit between the City Centre and Canal scheduled for
        upgrading? Its completion will actively demonstrate the vibrant regeneration planned
        Signage is non-existent: urgently needs to be addressed
Building Form
        Concerns that the LDS for Port Dundas and Speirs Wharf area still seems to strongly
        reflect the aspirations of a developer rather than the Council and / or community and
        canal user groups, and local voters – commerce seems to be the key driver over
        Inconsistent scale – eg up to 3/4 storeys proposed for Possil Road and Applecross
        Basin. Also, proposed mix of family housing, terrace format and green roofs, plus
        allowance for light, into these homes
        The existing building at Speirs Wharf averages 6 storeys, yet the LDS states that
        ‘buildings no higher than eight storeys from the towpath level’ are being proposed –
        however these new buildings will be over 10 storeys from ground level
        Development proposals should exhibit quality design and incorporate high quality
        materials – should reflect its canal setting / context, as well as canal heritage and
        Concerns re respect for / restoration of existing buildings – eg Sawmillfield Street
        Cleansing Dept building was left to decay, then demolished under emergency powers
General Comments
        What criteria will form the basis for the decision regarding change of usage for Port
        Dundas and the Garscube Road Corridor from business to residential usage – and how
        will this be communicated in a democratic and transparent manner? How will that
        decision square against the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997?
                                             Page 3 of 3
General Comments (contd)
       What studies have been carried out to address how the area should be developed to
       address the needs of Glasgow’s changing community make-up (eg the new
       It seems likely that the current emphasis towards predominantly luxury homes proposed
       will exclude many of these groups as well as many of Glasgow’s existing residents –
       more than 50% of whom are on low incomes.
       Where are the studies that clearly show the need for the type of buildings proposed –
       whether ‘large apartment blocks’ or office buildings?
       Canal users and local communities would benefit considerably from other, more deprived
       areas being developed as a priority over areas which clearly have functioning
       communities in place
       Community resources desperately needed– not merely a token children’s play area
       What artworks / public art installations are planned to reflect and enrich the stated
       commitment to create a long-term cultural and community legacy, and tourist attraction?
       What will become of the Travelling People whose present site lies in the path of the
       development plan?
Transport and Infrastructure
       Address infrastructure and local amenities issues before developing further, and adding /
       creating additional demand to further stress existing systems
       Where is the global overview / what studies have been carried out to embrace the entire
       regeneration / redevelopment area, globally addressing issues such as transportation
       and services for residential and business communities alike?
Green space and green issues
       There is very little in the LDS regarding green space at Speirs Wharf and Port Dundas,
       and specifically little re protecting existing green space / wildlife protection in those areas.
       There is nothing about – eg providing benches, local amenities, litter bins, toilets, parking
       for service vehicles etc – enhancing the experience of walking the canal and stopping to
       picnic, admire the cityscape / vista. These activities have been identified by other
       community groups as key attractions of the canal area
       Opportunities for canal water to be used as a means of cooling for local industry
       With ever-rising energy costs, opportunity to harness canal water as a sustainable
       energy source
       Biodiversity. Steps should be taken to protect bankside vegetation, avoid increased
       disturbance, and avoid shadowing to negatively impact on canal life, (eg. set proposed
       developments further back from the towpath)
Clarification required
       Confusion exists regarding the longevity of the current City Plan. When does its
       ‘jurisdiction’ expire? When will City Plan II take effect? How can major developments
       proceed when the present governing document / City Plan may already have expired and
       thus may contravene the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997?
                                             Page 3 of 3


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